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Karran Undermount Sinks


Karran Undermount Sinks

Karran's unique solid surface sinks can be seamlessly undermounted to any laminate countertop. Their sinks are made from a specially formulated acrylic resin and reinforced with a polyester/fiberglass mix on the underside for added strength. The undermount sinks are stain resistant, in fact nothing has ever been found that will permanently stain the surface. Because of their virtually impenetrable, non-porous surface, dirt and bacteria sit on the surface, creating an easily cleaned, sanitary sink. The sinks are also resistant to thermal shock, impact, heat and scratches. Karran undermounted sinks offer a seamlessly smooth transition from countertop to sink.


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For more information on our undermounting sinks, please contact us at 651-438-2223 or stop by our showroom in Hastings, Minnesota to view some sample undermount sinks.