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Granite Maintenance

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Granite Countertop Cleaning & Sealing


Granite Countertop Care Systems

APL Stone offers a variety of granite countertop cleaners and protective sealers as an official distributor of StoneTechTM granite cleaning products. From heavy duty cleaners and stain removers to daily use cleaners and wipes, APL now has a cleaning solution for all your granite countertop needs. Call us at 651-438-2223 for product information and prices, or stop by our granite showroom.


Daily Granite Cleaning

We recommend using Ivory Dish Soap for cleaning granite and natural stone countertops because it's made without animal fats and free from dyes. Many other soap brands contain fats, dyes and scents which can damage the stone.


To obtain a nice shine on the granite top, try an ammonia free glass cleaner. Over time ammonia will remove the finished shine on a granite kitchen countertop, bar or vanity.


Avoid using detergents that can be abrasive or contain chemicals high in acid or alkaline. Some stone & granite cleaners have a petroleum or animal fat base which may alter the appearance of your stone, so be cautious when choosing products. They can darken the granite and leave a residue, which in time can build up on the countertop and turn lighter stones yellow.


Sealing Procedure

Sparingly spread liquid granite sealer over your countertops with a lint-free, clean cloth and let the sealer penetrate into the stone top for at least 5 minutes or until it has completely soaked into the stone. Repeat this procedure until a film or haze appears on the granite countertop. Buff the haze off with #0000 Steel Wool. Do a water test on the countertop and if it doesn't bead up, repeat the above procedure.


Removing Stains

You can remove oil stains from your granite and other natural stone countertops using a poultice (paste) applied directly to the stain. Mix 1 cup of bleached flour with 2 or 3 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid (we recommend Blue Dawn) and enough water to give it the consistency of yogurt or cake batter. Put it on the stain about 1/4" thick and cover with plastic wrap. Leave it set on the stone overnight.


Additional Resources

For more detailed instructions on how to care for your granite, marble, soapstone or other natural stone top, download a copy of the DuPont StoneTech Professional Stone and Tile Care Resource Guide.


Check the website of the National Training Center for Stone and Masonry Trades for more tips on how to care for your stone or granite countertop.